How does the payment process work?

When you book me, you are required to pay a $50-$100 deposit via email transfer. The remaining balance is to be paid the day of the session.

What time will our session be at?

Sessions are photographed during the beautiful golden hour - 1 hour before the sun goes down.
Indoor sessions will be photographed in the late morning to early afternoon.

Am I in charge of choosing our location?

I spend many of many hours searching and scouting out the perfect locations for my clients. These locations are based on many factors such as light direction, scenery, variety, accessibility, etc. You are under no obligation to find a spot for your session, but it is absolutely open for discussion!

I'm worried my kids won't cooperate!

So many parents come to me with this concern, trust me, you aren't alone in this fear! But let me assure you, I have a 3 & 5 year old of my own, plus teenage nieces and nephews, nothing comes as a surprise to me!
Aside from that, I am a firm believer in letting kids be kids, ESPECIALLY if we want to capture their true joyful selves. At the begging of our session, I will aim to get a few 'Christmas photos' while the littles are still a bit shy around me. But afterwards, I will be encouraging playing, interaction, silliness, and snuggles. Truthfully, kids tend to run the show, but its one of my favourite parts of photographing families!

What should we wear?

Ahh yes, this seems to be one of the most commonly asked questions as it also seems to be the most dreaded part for parents. Pinterest is an amazing source for ideas. I'm also only a message or text away if you'd like to send me pictures! I will let you know what will work for everyone to make your images that much better! I also have a ton of favourite websites with affordable clothing that I can send your way.

How and when do we get our images?

All sessions receive their images via an online gallery where you can download straight to your computer. I will have your images ready for viewing within 2-3 weeks of your session.